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Sammich Saturday: BBQ Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad Wrap


Hallelujah, it's Saturday!! By 10am this morning, I will be sitting by the lake with friends, soaking up some sun, and chowing down some drunken gummies. Ok, maybe not right at 10am for the gummies, but shortly after, I'm sure ;) I am so thankful for the warmer weather because it makes me be much more inclined to get out of the apartment to do things! When it's cold, I'm content to stay in doors all.the.time. and it's about time for me to get my white legs in the sun. My Dad says I'm not white, I'm transparent...if that tells you anything. Ha ha.

Since I started Sammich Saturdays, I have found so many delicious sandwich and wrap recipes to try, I don't know how I'll ever make them all. This one comes from Cassie, and as always I'm loving the results! And, what could be more perfect for a picnic, day at the park, day at the lake, etc. than a good chicken wrap?? One wrap was definitely plenty to fill my tummy, and fortunately I only made enough for one wrap...because I wanted to keep eating. And eating. And eating. I'm trying to lose weight people! Maybe I need to close my eyes for a solid month and not eat anything but salad, not look at any of my favorite blogs, and not have anything fun to blog about. Dammit. I can't do any of that, so instead I have to offset my love for food with time at the gym. Any idea where I can round up some motivation to go with my next meal? I'll keep looking, you let me know if you find it before I do. Thanks.

So, if you have any fun outings planned or just want a tasty wrap for lunch one day, this is definitely the wrap to try! I know the name is long, but all the flavors combined make one helluva great wrap!

BBQ Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad Wrap
Source: Cassie Craves

  1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except the tortillas.
  2. Spoon 1/2 - 3/4 cup (more if you prefer) of chicken mixture in the center of each tortilla, and fold 2 sides in, then the other 2 sides, to form the wrap. Cut in half and devour!

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